These questions and anwers are designed to help you find answers to common questions about our community. Please check here to see if your question has been already asked and answered before contacting the board of directors. If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us.

Questions and Answers

Q. Am I responsible for repairing and replacing my windows?

A. Yes, but you must maintain the standard cross design and submit an architectural variance form to the Association.

Q. I would like my door repaired and painted. What are my responsibilities?

A. You are responsible for your own door.  You must maintain the style and color if replacing the door.  Also, all storm doors must be fully clear.  Half screen doors are not allowed and you may be subject to having to replace the door. Please contact the property manager for paint colors or contractor contacts.

Q. How do I obtain an architectural variance?

A. You may either contact our property manager at 301-890-4237 or by contacting us. You may also download the document from this site by clicking architectural variance.

Q. Why do other townhouse communities have assigned parking and we do not?

A. Our Association was formed by the original developers without that stipulation in the association by-laws.  Changing the bylaws to allow assigned parking spaces is probably not feasible in our community. Legal Counsel has advised us that Association covenants do not currently allow the Board to assign common areas (such as the parking lot) on a preferential basis. Changing a fundamental property right like this would require approval of 100% of homeowners. Since numerous homeowners have expressed their disapproval of any assigned parking, the Board has concluded that it is unlikely that any process to change existing rules would be successful.

Nonetheless, we should all take care to behave responsibly and courteously when parking our cars and to observe the following guidelines:

  • Park between the lines painted on the curb. There are exactly 2 spaces per unit in our development--no more--and we cannot afford to lose any due to careless parking.
  • Respect your neighbors' rights to park in any available space and do not take any actions to reserve spaces.
  • Report any unused vehicles to the Property Manager for tagging and towing. Residents are not permitted to store unused vehicles on Association property.

The Board has had complaints, but the vast majority of residents seem to accept the policy without comment. 

Q. I would like to install a satellite dish.  What are the rules and regulations?

A. You must complete an architectural variance and submit for approval to the Board before installation.  Satellite dishes are allowed if they are installed near to the home on the ground or on the edge of a shed.  Dishes must be grey in color and not more than 24 inches in diameter.  They may not be installed on the roof, siding, or roof of the shed.  They may not be attached to the exterior of the unit.  For more explicit detail see Rule 2002-10.

Q. What are the things that I will need a variance for?

A. Any change or alteration to the exterior of the unit, such as shrubbery, patios, satellite dishes, windows.

Q. How do I obtain a resale package when I am ready to sell my home?

A. You may contact Zalco at 301-495-6600; fax 301-495-4169 or email Lydia at lcummins@zalco.com.  Lydia prepares the packages so you must contact her directly; she will send you a Resale Request Form.

Q. I am renting my unit and the tenants have damaged common property.  Will the Association insurance cover the cost of repairs?

A. No, Landlords will be notified of the damage and charged for the cost of fixing the property. 

Q. I have problems keeping my grass looking full and healthy.  How can the Association help?

A.  We can have our contractor assess the damage or identify the culprit.  Sometimes a tree is the problem or the area needs to be resodded.  The homeowner will be responsible for watering and maintaining any newly sodded areas.  We do not, however, spot treat lawns.  The Association pays for the contractor to assess the overall condition of lawns. 

Q. I have trouble finding a parking space.  Why isn't there a numbered parking space policy?

A.  Several homeowners have expressed an interest in securing numbered parking spaces for our community.  Our Association does not stipulate a number parking policy and the vast majority of residents seem to accept the policy.  There are approximately 2 parking spaces for every home in the community 

Q.  What are the common elements that the Association is responsible for maintaining?

A.  A good way to note if an item is covered by the homeowner or the association is to determine if, in general, it serves only your unit (e.g. windows).  If so, you most likely are responsible for the repair or replacement. Common elements include water and pipes, sewer, garbage/trash collection, and electrical lines necessary for outdoor lighting

Q. What does the Stockbridge Master Insurance Policy cover?

The Stockbridge Condominium Owners Association has a master insurance policy which covers the common elements of the association and does not necessarily provide coverage for all interior damage to individual units.  If you have questions about homeowners policies, coverage and deductibles please contact the Property Manager. Below is a list of general maintenance responsibilities.

  • Pipes, ducts, wires, flues and cables are the Condominium's responsibility to maintain and those which are within or adjacent to a unit and serve only one unit are the unit owner's responsibility to maintain.
  • Water heaters, filters, ranges, heating and air conditioning equipment serve only one unit within the condominium therefore are always the unit owner's responsibility to maintain.
  • Balconies and patios are limited common elements and are the unit owner's responsibility to maintain.  Cracks and pest infestation in same are not covered by the Condominium's insurance policy.
  • Yards are not limited common elements and are not reserved to the exclusive use of a particular unit therefore they are the Condominium's responsibility to maintain.
  • Exterior of Condominium Units:  Under Article VIII of the By-Laws the unit owner is responsible for maintaining the exterior of his Condominium Unit, however, the Condominium Plats only define the unit as extending to the "interior surface of exterior walls enclosing [the] unit" and therefore the Condominium has assumed responsibility for maintenance, i.e. painting, etc., of the exterior of the units.
  • Doors are defined as part of and included in the units under Article I of the Declaration and are therefore the unit owner's responsibility to maintain.
  • Exterior steps, stoops and walkways are defined as appurtenant to the unit and therefore the unit owner's responsibility to maintain under Article I of the Declaration, the Condominium Plat states that "sidewalks" are part of the General Common Elements.  Due to this conflict, the Board has elected to maintain the sidewalks, including the stoops and exterior steps leading up to each unit.
  • Insurance coverage for damage caused to units:  The occasion frequently arises where insurance covers damage caused by leaking pipes or equipment which is part of a unit and therefore the unit owner's maintenance responsibility.  In these instances the coverage will pay for the resulting damage, but the cost to repair the item causing the damage (i.e. the pipe, toilet, dishwasher, etc.) will be the unit owner's responsibility.

Q. Do I need a license to rent my property?

At the May 21, 2003 annual meeting, Stockbridge homeowners approved the Fifth Amendment to the Bylaws governing and limiting rights of homeowners to lease their units. In general, an application must be submitted and approved in advance of executing any lease, and the number of leased units will be restricted to no more than the rental limit currently applied for conventional home loans. For further details see: Fifth Amendment, Leasing Procedures, Lease Approval Application, and Lease Addendum.

Q. Why is it necessary to limit the number of rental units in Stockbridge?

Rental units have become a financial issue to the Association and the community and the Board, in the interest of all homeowners, has recommended a By Law Amendment limiting the number of rental units to preserve property values.  The Amendment is not a means of discriminating against renters.  Rather, it allows us to monitor the number of rental properties so that we can ensure that sellers and buyers will continue to obtain mortgage loans and the Board can obtain favorable interest rate loans for upcoming capital projects.  Once a threshold percentage is reached, many mortgage and loan companies will reject loan applications due to too high a number of rental units.  All current leases are automatically grandfathered, however all new leases will require approval and submission of a lease form.  Click here for By Law Amendment.