Hello From the Property Manager

Hello Residents of Stockbridge;  

ROOF PROJECT:  The roof project was supposed to start early June, but due to the Contractors' delay it looks like it won't start till end of June or early July.  The crews will be working on one building off of Schubert, then moving onto Piano Lane and Musicmaster Drive.  Notices will be posted by the contractor one week in advance of their start date.  Each building will be posted separately as the crews move along.  --  If you have questions while the crews are at your building please email me at or  You may also email any potential problems you observe during the project. 
FIOS is available in Stockbridge:  If you are interested in signing up for FIOS; your contact person is Stacy Wilkes, she can be reached on 240-429-4346.

NEW OWNERS: If you are a new owner and have questions about this site or about the community, please contact Lydia Cummins at 301-325-0755.  If she doesn't pick up and you are unable to leave a message, she can also be reached at 301-768-2009.  Her assistant at Zalco Realty, the management company, is Arnetta Young and her direct number is 301-495-6614.

Condominium Fees are due and payable to Stockbridge at Tanglewood , and mailed to c/o Zalco Realty, Inc. at 8701 Georgia Avenue, Suite 300 Silver Spring, MD 20910.  When you receive payment coupons, it will have a different PO address for where the payments should go to.  If you have questions regarding payment coupons or your account, please contact the account representative, Duane Dennis, he can be contacted by dialing 301-495-6600

We currently have a SPECIAL ASSESSMENT due as well as the regular fee.  the regular fee is $197/per unit/per month.  The Special Assessment is also due every month in the amount of $76/per unit/per month, for a total of $273.00.  The special assessment will run through to the end of June 2017, and is for the purpose of completing the 3rd and final Phase of the Roof Project, and as mentioned above the project will start in June of 2017.  Any accounts with a balance of $650 will on June 16th will automatically be turned over to the attorney for collection.

PROBLEMS IN THE COMMUNITY:  We received notice about possible illegal activity in the community. It was reported that people are hanging out in cars  with loud music etc. Please contact the police on this matter, this is not an association manager issue.  Call the police everytime you observe this activity. Hopefully the police will start patrolling more often. 

Thank you. 




New Projects - Chimney Caps 

Not everyonee will be affected by this work, as not everyone has a fireplace.  Even those that do should not experience any inconvenience, as the work only entails climbing to the top of the chimney and installation a Chimney Cap.  Chimney Caps are used to prevent things, birds, squirrels, leaves, to fall into your fireplace. 


To expedite the handling of any issues please email me at OR



New Site Design

Stockbridge launched a new website design a few years ago. The new site is designed to help you find the information you need faster. The clean design updates the site to make it easy to navigate and read. Please let us know of any changes you would like to see.