Hello From the Property Manager

Hello Residents of Stockbridge;  

The Zalco Realty, inc. management company was Rebranded to FirstService Residential.  We are excited to work with FirstService and look forward to the new opportunities and the heightened excitement that they bring to the job.  We have what is called first call each morning with all employees on the phone or in person.  The purpose is to keep the companies goals on the forefront which is to assist all of our residents with a genuine care for your needs. 

CONCRETE REPAIRS:  Some concrete repairs should be starting soon, we will ask that they place warning signs or cones.  The repairs will be throughout the community.

NEW OWNERS: If you are a new owner and have questions about this site or about the community, please contact Lydia Cummins at 301-325-0755.  If she doesn't pick up and you are unable to leave a message, she can also be reached at 301-768-2009.  Her assistant, Jennifer Norris at FirstService Residential is at 301-495-6630.

Condominium Fees are due and payable to Stockbridge at Tanglewood , and mailed to c/o FirstService Residential of Silver Spring; 8701 Georgia Avenue, Suite 300 Silver Spring, MD 20910. When you receive payment coupons, it will have a different PO address for where the payments should go to.  If you have questions regarding payment coupons or your account, please contact the account representative, Duane Dennis, he can be contacted by dialing 301-495-6600.

Thank you. 




New Projects - Chimney Caps 

Not everyone will be affected by this work as not everyone has a fireplace.  Even those that do should not experience any inconvenience, as the work only entails climbing to the top of the chimney and installation a Chimney Cap.  Chimney Caps are used to prevent things like birds, squirrels, leaves, or more from falling into your fireplace. 

To expedite the handling of any issues please email me at



New Site Design

Stockbridge launched a new website design a few years ago. The new site is designed to help you find the information you need faster. The clean design updates the site to make it easy to navigate and read. Please let us know of any changes you would like to see.