Board of Directors

NameRoleTerm Expiration
Vivian Omagbemi President 2015-2018
Rosemary Addy Vice President 2016-2019
Jim Holley Treasurer 2015-2018
Ralph Henry Secretary 2016-2019
Martha Fortson Member at Large 2014-2017


Lydia Cummins


Property Manager


Monthly Board Meetings

Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m at the Marylin J. Praisner Library (formerly known as the Fairland Library) Meeting Room, 14920 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD (301) 421-5400. (No meetings are held in the months of August and December)

Dates for association meetings are usually the 4th Wednesday of the month due to Thanksgiving we always schedule the meeting for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day.    

The order of business for monthly board meetings follows this general outline.  Homeowners may attend any monthly meeting; however, the Board retreats into executive (closed) session for agenda items that relate to the privacy of homeowners. 

The meeting agenda is:

  • Homeowner Concerns
  • Minutes of Last Meeting
  • Property Manager Reports
  • Financial Manager Report
  • Committee Reports (if any)
  • Old Business
  • New Business

For a copy of minutes (sanitized to protect homeowners names) please contact us.

Upcoming Meeting Dates



 January 25, 2017

February 22, 2017

March 22, 2017

April 26, 2017

May 24, 2017 (Annual Meeting - Discuss Roof Project)

June 28, 2017


Communication within Stockbridge

Subscribe to our new community ListServ and keep current with what's going on in Stockbridge.

Send an email to  You will receive an email with a link that includes additional instructions on how to confirm your membership.  Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see it right away.  The confirmation asks you to tell us why you want to join the group. Please indicate what your Stockbridge address is and whether you own or rent your home. You may also receive an email asking you to verify your name and address.  If you receive such an email, please respond in order to be accepted for the ListServ.  These steps will allow us to ensure that only Stockbridge owners or residents are part of the Listserv.  


Trash and Recycling

Our neighborhood is suffering from too much loose trash. The Association wants realtors to continue to show houses in Stockbridge because it is a desirable place to live. However, loose trash and improperly placed recycling or bulk disposal will affect property values. Residents please be sure to:

  • Place all trash in plastic bags and then heavy duty garbage cans
  • Only place trash out after 7 p.m on Monday and Thursday (nights before pickup)
  • If you miss the trash pick-up, do not leave your trash on the curb until the next pick up and do not place it in a neighbor's empty can that they have not yet collected.
  • Place recycling materials in blue bins or in PAPER bags.  Blue bins are available free of charge from Montgomery County.
  • Do not mix paper and other recyclable items in the same recycling container or the County may not collect it.
  • Break down cardboard cartons or the County may not collect them.

If you are a landlord, please be sure your renters know the rules.

Trash Collection

Trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  If there is a federal holiday on collection day, the collection moves forward one day.

Trash cans have become necessary due to the spreading of garbage and refuse from plastic bags by crows, squirrels, and other wildlife. The Association has a service contract for pest control to comprehensively address and prevent any potential problems.

Make sure recycling materials are placed in appropriate containers and left at the curbside for Friday morning pickup. Please place overflow materials in paper bags.  If your trash or recycling is not all collected (if they drop an item or two and leave it behind), please pick up any leftover recycling or trash that you know belongs to you when you pick up your recycling bin or garbage can.


Recycling is collected Friday morning.  

AcceptedNot Accepted
Food and beverage jars and bottles such as juice, wine, pickle or mayonnaise jars Lids
Clear and colored plastic bottles with a neck such as milk, detergent and bleach bottles Caps
Aluminum and steel food and beverage cans such as cola, beer, tuna, pet foods cans Mirror or window glass
Balled foil wrap Drinking glasses, cups, plates, cookware, pottery, ceramics
Foil cookware such as pie plates and lasagna trays, or tv dinner trays Light bulbs
Newspaper Broken jars or bottles
Magazines Automotive parts
Corrugated Cardboard Scrap metal
Cereal and other boxes Plastic wrap or bags
Telephone books Styrofoam
Computer and office paper Platic toys, gadgets, or pails
Newspaper inserts Pesticide bottles
Catalogs Microwave plates or deli/salad containers
Unwanted mail Baby wipe containers
Paperback books Flower pots
All other clean and dry paper Pizza boxes
  Foil gift wrap
  Paper towels, napkins, or tissues

Bulk Trash

Please be aware that the Association must pay additional unbudgeted fees for large items abandoned a t the curb. Residents wishing to responsibly dispose of unwanted furniture, bedding and appliances can contact the Property Manager for the names of vendors who will haul away such items for a very reasonable fee. When residents irresponsibly set out items in the dead of night, we all end up paying for it in increased monthly assessments.

Around Memorial Day in June of each year the Board orders a dumpster to assist RESIDENTS ONLY with spring cleaning and disposal of bulk items. Our trash collectors DO NOT pick up large items left at the curb. Please be responsible and save your bulk items (appliances, carpeting, bedding, furniture, construction materials) for the dumpster. If you can’t wait, please be responsible and contact a contractor directly. You may call the Property Manager to obtain the names of contractors with very reasonable rates or choose one from below:

  • Whatever Services: Mr. Green - 410-382-8191
  • 1-800-RID OF IT
  • 1-800-Got-Junk
  • Alpes Decorating, William 301-908-3165
  • R & D Dawes Recycling 301-937-8143
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK


Patios, Sheds, and Balconies

The Shed roofs are the responsibility of the Association to maintain.  We ask that you help maintain them by not storing any items on the roofs; do not allow children or others to climb or sit on the sheds; and in the event of significant snowfall, please remember to remove snow from the shed roofs before it compacts or ices. The sheds are not constructed to bear weight, but only to enclose items such as trash cans, recycling bins, or firewood.

Satellite Television

Homeowners must file an architectural variance with the Board before installing a satellite dish anywhere on their property. This rule applies to owners and renters. The Association requires removal of satellites installed without permission, or dishes installed in unaccepted locations. We restrict the placement of the dishes to the fence in front of the unit, or on a post in the ground.  There are height requirements.


Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are the responsibility of the homeowner.  The original hot water heaters had an expected useful life of 10-12 years.  Stockbridge homes are nearing 30 years in age.  Homeowners have a duty to maintain their units and should immediately replace any original water heaters.  For assistance in identifying original heaters and evaluating volume discounts available through the association's contracted plumber, please contact the Property Manager.

Lawn Care

The Board does not expect (or even allow) homeowners to maintain the landscaping in common areas, although you can take care of the area inside your shed/fence if you wish. Any alterations to common area or property requires an exterior alteration application approved by the Board.

Our grounds maintenance contractor is for grounds maintenance, not grounds improvement. The contractor is required to mulch the existing beds twice yearly, to prune plantings annually, and to maintain the existing lawns with mowing, edging and pest control.

Consequently, we have to pay additional "a la carte" fees for any improvement activities, such as removing dead shrubs or trees, replacing plantings or laying sod. We have had significant additional expenditures in the last two years for these sorts of services due to the aging of the plantings, recommendations of the consultants for the foundation drainage project completed this past fiscal year and for security concerns. These additional expenditures will definitely contributed to dues increases.

The reseeding or re-sodding of the wooded area in front of your home would count as one of these "a la carte" items and would need to be formally requested of the contractor by the property manager. In practice, most such requests are initiated by homeowners who report the need for improvement to the property manager. If there is any question about the feasibility or cost-effectiveness of the project, the property manager would get an estimate for the work and bring to the Board for a decision.

Water Pipes (fall issue)

As the weather cools off, don't forget that homeowners are responsible for frozen water pipes. Safeguards should be taken by residents to protect any water pipes from freezing in extremely cold weather.

The following steps (as diagrammed) should be taken for hose bib maintenance:  If you are not sure how to do this, please contact William at Alpes Decorating 301-908-3165 and he can assist you.

  1. Close the valve inside
  2. Remove the garden hose
  3. Open hose bib (leave open)
  4. Drain vacuum breaker (location and operation vary with manufacturer)
  5. Open bleed orifice at inside valve